Kapil Sibal terms Modi’s comments on Ayodhya as Defamatory For Supreme Court

Kapil Sibal
Former Human Resource Development Minister of India

Nov 26 : Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments on Ayodhya as “shameful” and “defamatory” towards the Supreme Court,Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said is the Modi government trying to impose political pressure on the Supreme Court? when the title suit is pending in the apex court.

Sibal represented an individual, Mohammad Hashim, who filed a petition requesting that the case be deferred till after the 2019 national elections,said,”This is defamatory towards the Supreme Court.”

“You (the Prime Minister) are defaming the Supreme Court. Are you trying to say that the Supreme Court can come under any political pressure? This is shameful. The Prime Minister should not give such statements,” Sibal told TV channel.

“Who is doing the scaring? What’s the VHP (right-wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad) doing in Ayodhya? They are creating an atmosphere of fear that’s providing political benefits to the PM,” he added, referring to the huge VHP meeting in Ayodhya yesterday that had unnerved the city’s Muslim residents.

“The Ram temple will be built when God wants it built, not when Modiji wants it. The matter is in court,” Sibal said as the Congress is not a part of the litigation and he had stopped appearing in court in the Ayodhya case since January 2018.

As VHP and other right-wing groups are pushing the Modi government to bypass the legal process for the construction of the Ram Temple at the disputed site, the Prime Minister said: “The Congress creates an atmosphere of fear for the judiciary. They tell the Supreme Court to delay the Ayodhya hearing due to the 2019 elections. They do everything possible to impeach the Chief Justice.”

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