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Kapil Sibal questions Modi government on Women safety, Pakistan and Kashmir


New Delhi, May 5: Congress senior leader while welcoming the Supreme Court judgement in the  Nirbhaya case questioned the Modi government policies on women safety, Pakistan and Kashmir.

He said with this judgment of Supreme Court will finally provide solace to Nirbahaya’s family members. He maintained that Rule of law has brought the culprits to book. He also mentioned the Bilkis Bano case, and talked about rising number of crime against women.

Giving out statistics on crime against women in the country, he asserted that Delhi is at number one,  as out of every one lakh women, 184 women are victims of crime in the national capital. Sibal presented entire data of crime rate against women in different states including Telengana 83 such incidents, Odisha 812 for one lakh population and Rajasthan again 81 per one lakh population, Haryana 75 for one lakh population, West Bengal 73 for one lakh population, Tripura 68 and Madhya Pradesh 65 per lakh population.

Following this he said we all should get united to ensure women safety in the country.

Sibal said that in the last six months 13 bank robberies amounting to a loot over Rs. 90 lakhs have taken place in Kashmir, besides the loss of lives of 7 security and banking personnel.  He  slammed the Modi government over recent attacks on our  soldiers and unrest in Kashmir Valley by saying that their policy on both Pakistan and Kashmir is unclear.

While mentioning about the increasing number of incidents of stone pelting, bank robbery and killings in Kashmir he questioned, why PM Modi is silent on these issues.

Taking a jibe at Modi government, Sibal added that in the Modi regime “terror and birthday” go together. He was referring to Modi’s statements during run up to Lok Sabha elections that “terror and dialogue cannot go together while paying a unscheduled visit to Lahore for Nawaz Sharif’s birthday celebrations in 2015, after he became Prime Minister.  Sibal said Dr. Manmohan Singh  never visited Pakistan during in the 10 year UPA rule as he was of the firm belief that talks cannot be held against the backdrop of terrorism, unlike Modi.

Sibal said that during the Congress rule the situation in Kashmir was comparatively peaceful.  He said that  if Modi government wants any kind advice from his party to tackle the current situation, it would be more than willing to offer some good advice. He however lamented that Modi government does not like to consult the opposition and even if does, their advice is seldom followed.

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