Kapil Sibal in RS, Dump this draft into the dustbin on National Education Policy

kapil sibal

Salient Points from Mr. Kapil Sibal’s Speech in Rajya Sabha on Draft National Education Policy


1. Access, Equity and Quality should be the three pillars of a education policy.

2. Draft NEP fails to address the issue of Access, Equity and Quality.

3. ICT in education can’t be incorporated without a optical fibre network; the progress of NOFN under this government is dismal.

4. Right to education from Class VIII to Class XII should be made a fundamental right.

5. There is nothing in this draft policy on accreditation of schools.

6. Are the proposed 100 innovation universities going to teach RSS ideology?

7. 99% of teachers failed in the CET and the government talks about incorporating quality in the draft policy.

8. The draft NEP has failed to form a strategy to deal with states like UP and Bihar, where maximum no of children are of a school going age.

9. Dump this draft into the dustbin

10. Education is not about politics and ideology; it is about empowerment.

11. Education shouldn’t be looked from the point of view of a government or institution; it should be looked at from the eyes of a child.

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