Kapil Sibal: Every citizen stands with our soldiers but behind PM’s policies, actions? I doubt

KaPIL Sibal

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday said that every citizen stands behind its soldiers but it is doubtful that the same support is given to the policies and actions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Every citizen of our country stands behind our soldiers. We salute them. Behind the PM’s policies and actions? I doubt it,” the Congress leader tweeted.

The tweet of the Congress leader came in response to Prime Minister’s statement today ahead of the commencement of monsoon session of Parliament.

“This Parliament, and especially this session have another responsibility. Today, when our soldiers are holding fort on borders, on hilly and difficult terrain, and snowfall is likely after some time, I believe that all members of the Parliament will give an unequivocal message that the country stands with our soldiers,” the Prime Minister said.

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