Kapil Sibal demands probe into EVMs hacking claim

New Delhi, Jan 22 : Congress leader and former Union Minister Kapil Sibal on Tuesday defended his presence at the EVM hackathon in London organised by the Indian Journalists Association (IJA) in London and said that allegations of EVM tampering by US-based hacker Syed Suja should be investigated as they concern the survival of democracy in India.

It is related to free and fair elections. The issue is whether the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), can be tampered with. “This is an issue concerning the survival of democracy in India,” he told reporters.

Sibal said that he was invited by his friend Ashish Ray — who is the president of IJA — to attend the event. “Indian Journalists Association London President Ashish Ray told me he has sent invitations to all political parties including BJP and also Election Commission… He (Ashish Ray) sent me a personal e-mail also. I told him that I will be in London for some personal work & he insisted that I should come as they are going to make an important revelation. So I went,” Sibal said.

Sibal said that he was in London for some work and thus decided to attend the event which promised to make some important revelations as per the email sent out to him by the organisers.

Reiterating Suja’s claims that a day after the 2014 elections, 11 members of his team which was working on EVMs were murdered

Sibal also targeted the BJP by saying that one of the party’s leaders decided to approach the media against the claims made in the event and used words he should have, considering his post.

The Congress leader said Shuja has sought political asylum in the U.S. and that the U.S. government probed the charges made by him for two years and the charges made by him should be probed in India also.

Sibal statement came after Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad raised questions about the expert’s credentials and asked: “What was Mr Kapil Sibal doing there? In what capacity was Kapil Sibal present there? The BJP would like to ask this question. My allegation is that Kapil Sibal had gone to London to monitor the event on behalf of the Congress.”

He said the Congress party had nothing to do with the fact that he sought political asylum in U.S. and who all he met before leaving the country.

“It sounds like a science fiction story to me. But, it can be verified also,” he said.

“It is your duty to check these claims backed by facts presented in the emails and the information provided by this gentleman… If what he is saying is even 50 percent true it doesn’t augur well for the democracy, however, if it’s not true he must be dealt with,” Sibal told mediapersons.

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