Kapil Sibal criticises Modi’s National Security : From Rafale to Pulwama

Kapil Sibal
Kapil Sibal on National Security

New Delhi, March 31: Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal criticized the Narendra Modi led government for the increase in the level of infiltration through LoC in Jammu and Kashmir and said Rafale papers are being stolen, explosive entering our territory, therefore the national security strategy broadly defines the agenda of India in 2019 Lok Sabha Polls as ” where was the chowkidar”.


Playing blame game with Pakistan and tagging people as anti-nationals cannot be regarded as a goof national security strategy, Sibal said.

“How did so much explosive enter the territory.. where was chowkidar? how were the Rafale papers stolen.. that was the theft from the home of the chowkidar. No one imagined how the Pakistanis crossed the Arabian sea. What is the outcome of the surgical strike? We lost another 7 to 8 soldiers, Sibal attacked Modi who claims to be chowkidar of the country.

Pointing out the faulty foreign policy and low defence budget allotted by the Narendra Modi government that subsequently weakened the national security, Kapil Sibal said, “Look at the budgetary allocation… what was the capital expenditure for defence? We need 42 squadron…but we need 30 squadron…We need to have a strategy for national security. It’s not like playing a blame game with Pakistan… we cannot tag people as anti-nationals… Strategy is determined with future in sign.”

On infiltration, Kapil Sibal said, “In the absence of dialogue, there will be no solution. We have to know about the infiltration… But the steps that the government is taking, aren’t clearly working.”

Bringing out the sequence of terror attack, seasoned leader asked,” The BJP .. what has its done about national security. The journey started from Gurdaspur.. then Pathankot.. then Uri.. then Baramulla.. then Nagrota.. then Pulwama. What was chowkidar doing in between… chowkidar is answerable when there is theft. If we ask them about a thief, then they are termed as an anti-national.”

During an interaction in Agenda India 2019, Kapil Sibal said “No one talks about education and environment.We have to determine what is the national interest. It is far beyond national security. When a child is born, he needs to be protected from the weather and environment, and how he is given a good upbringing. No one talks about education and health in a country which is in the national interest. If you have to do surgical strike then do a surgical strike on poverty. That is the national interest.”

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