Kapil Sibal counters Modi, says ‘Were Judges trying to scare the judiciary”

Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, June 26 : Slamming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for doubting Congress intentions on bringing an impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal countered Modi, asking Will PM Modi answer whether the four senior-most judges called an unprecedented press conference to scare judiciary when they  publicly expressed their worriedness that democracy is in danger under the present ruling dispensation in India?

 Sibal further said those who have little knowledge about the functioning of the judiciary must not comment on it.

Modi told Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) workers in Mumbai that the Congress was trying to “scare” the judiciary by bringing an impeachment motion against its seniormost official.

Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal took to Twitter to attack Modi, “Those not well versed in the functioning of courts should not make comments on the motives for impeachment. Will the PM please answer if the 4 senior most judges were trying to scare the judiciary when they publicly stated that democracy was in danger?


Prime Minister Modi said “They never imagined that corruption charge could be framed against them in court and they would have to seek bail. So now they are trying to scare the judiciary by bringing impeachment motion. Their mentality now is the same as it was during Emergency.”

The Congress and six other opposition parties handed Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu a notice for Dipak Misra’s impeachment in April. They accused the chief justice of five counts of “misbehaviour” and “misusing” authority. Naidu rejected the notice. This decision was later challenged in the Supreme Court, but the plea was withdrawn.

No Indian chief justice has ever been impeached.

Four of India’s most senior Supreme Court judges called a press conference in January and raised concerns over the political interference in Judiciary saying “that democracy is under threat because of the way the court is being run,” in the first of its kind event in independent India.



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