Kapil Sibal comes out in support of Barkha after she gets “chilling veiled threats”

Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, June 8: After Senior journalist Barkha Dutt alleged that she had received chilling veiled threats and “messages” from powerful people, Senior Congress leader and Former Union minister Kapil Sibal said that only a coward state threatens individual citizens.

The Congress leader posted a tweet in support of Barkha, saying, “Only a cowardly state threatens individual citizens. A self-confident democratic ruler need not fear an individual’s attempt to follow her vocation.We are with you Barkha . Your struggle for dignity and self-expression needs our unflinching support.”

“Received chilling veiled threats and messages from powerful people in the establishment today that my family and I are under surveillance and that I will be smeared and maligned to stop me from starting my new projects, Was advised to get my house debugged. Is this my country?” Dutt said.

“The story is about the government interfering with my right to work. Media owners have personally told me that because the BJP top guys do not like me they can’t risk having my show on the channel,” Dutt said.

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