Kanpur gets its first butterfly park


The Uttar Pradesh government has inaugurated the state’s first ever butterfly park in Kanpur to preserve the ecosystem.

According to the Kanpur Zoo authority, the butterfly park was constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 1 crore.

Kanpur Butterfly park
Kanpur Butterfly park

A total of 100 species of flowers have been planted in order to attract the butterflies. By now, more than 50 species of butterflies have already been observed in the park.


Dr RK Singh, designated doctor at the park, said, “There are presently more than 50 species of butterflies, though till now official counting has not been done. They have also planted around 50 species of flowers at the periphery. The park will open around March 2018 for the public.”

“A tourist said that he came to visit the Kanpur Zoo and was happy to be able to visit the butterfly park as well.

Butterfly park
Butterfly park

” In addition, 40 species of evergreen flowers have also been planted, including Calendula, Gulmehendi and Dahlia, to allow the tourists witness the scenic beauty of the place throughout the year.

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