Kanhaiya takes on PM Modi ,calls for freedom within India

Kanhaiya Kumar who  emerged as a symbol of  JNU’s  struggle for free speech,addressed students in campus passionately   as he takes on PM Narendra Modi, the BJP HRD Minister Smriti Irani and the RSS .

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kanhaiya said“Modiji was talking about Stalin and Khrushchev in Parliament. When I heard him speaking I felt like jumping into the TV screen, grabbing his suit and saying — ‘Modiji, please speak about Hitler a little’. Forget about Hitler, talk about Mussolini whose black cap you wear, who (RSS founder M S) Golwalkar sahab went to meet.”

JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar went to jail last month on charges of sedition and was thrashed by lawyers protected by ruling party ..JNU students union president Kanhaiya Kumar said he never “asked for freedom from India, but freedom within India”.

Kumar, who returned to the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus amid celebrations by hundreds of students and teachers, took on the Prime Minister, saying “Modiji only says ‘mann ki baat’, but doesn’t listen to it”

Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission slogan  sabka saath sabka vikas,Kanhaiya “I come from a village. Where there are a magic shows. People show magic and sell rings that fulfill all wishes…We have some people like that in our country, who say black money will come back, sabka saath sabka vikas (development for all).”

While addressing the gathering, Kanhaiya demanded that HRD minister Smriti Irani should grant their fellowships and make honest efforts to apprehend those who are responsible for 26-year-old Rohith Vemula’s death.”PM Modi tweeted and said Satyamev Jayate. I want to convey this to him that I also say the same thing,” Kanhaiya said.
While taking on BJP ,Kanhaiya  said the government is not doing anything for farmers and jawans  who are sacrificing their lives on the border .” A BJP MP in parliament said that ‘jawans are dying on the border’. I want to ask you. Is your brother there? In this country, the crores of farmers who are dying.”Do not try to separate the constable, the farmer, the soldier, poor people like me, by creating distorted binaries. I salute the soldiers but have you ever thought of their families, the families of farmers who are forced to commit suicide?”




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