Kangana alleges ‘gandagi’ in Bollywood as she slams farmers’ stir violence

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, Jan 27 : Actress Kangana Ranaut is disturbed by visuals of the farmers’ protest on Republic Day in Delhi, and on Wednesday slammed Bollywood for allegedly hiding behind the garb of entertainment and provoking terrorism and violence.

The actress took to Twitter to denounce the farmers, whom she labelled as “terrorists”, and slammed people, including actors, for supporting them and actions, which she says led to widespread violence.

“I did my best to avoid this but I failed…. I may be a spec in the scheme of things but my failure is enormous…. at least it feels like that …. my head hangs in shame. I could not protect the integrity of my nation. I am no one still I am everyone ..and I am a failure today,” Kangana shared.

When a user pointed out an account, saying: “An instagram account of bollywood PR @instantbolly with more than 6 million followers has been running their propoganda since a long time, it needs to be reported”, Kangana slammed the industry.

“This is the gandagi for bollywood needs to be cleaned immediately. Slyly hiding behind the garb of entertainment and provoking terrorism and violence, put them in jail if there is even an iota of law n order left in this country these termites are eating away the bones of Bharat,” she said.

One user slammed singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh for supporting the farmers.

To this, Kangana reacted: “The problem is we still think we need to enlighten them about what they supporting as if it will transform him. Of course they know what they doing. Danke ki chot pe they hoisted Khalistan flag on Red Fort, truth is it’s jungle Raj jiski lathi uski bhains and they had the lathi.”

When one user said: “Kangna was right, these people aren’t farmers!! This picture is a tight sIap on @diljitdosanjh, the actress responded: “This is not a tight slap on @diljitdosanjh face this is what he wanted. He got what he wanted and this nation gave him this on a platter.”

Kangana feels the “message is clear no progress or reforms will be allowed to us, terrorism will decide the fate of this nation, not its government”.

In another tweet, Kangana urged the government to take action.

“CAA is on hold after so much terror I am sure Farmers bill will also be pushed on back burners, we as a democracy have chosen a nationalistic government yet antinationals are winning. Black day for India, please implement these laws asap and make our democracy win @PMOIndia,” she wrote.

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