Kamal Hasan is all set to join politics!


Kamal hasan’s remark that he wants to change the politics of Tamilnadu clearly suggests that he ready to join politics. Tamilnadu superstar Kamal Hasan said, ” The politics of Tamilnadu can change and I want to bring about that change,no matter how slow it may be.”

Kamal Hasan said that he does not promise for a swift change but for a process of change. Meanwhile Kamal Hasan seemed apparent about joining politics when he said,””Don’t vote me in and then wait for five years to vote me out. Sack me immediately if I don’t deliver”.

Pointing out that non of the existing political party matches his ideology he said, “A political party is about an ideology. And I don’t think my goals in politics can match the ideology of any political party”.

The political situation in Tamilnadu is not all well, it is very clear that political turmoil is definitely not good for the administration of the state which directly affects the citizens.

However in a statement earlier this month when he hinted out to join politics said “My color is obviously seen over 40 years I have been working in cinema,definitely it is not Safforn”.

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