Kabali Release: Companies declares holiday on Friday


With superstar Rajinikanth’s latest release, Kabali, almost in cinemas, some employers in the city have fallen to the star’s charm and not only declared a holiday on the day the movie releases, but also booked tickets for employees.

In a statement to its employees, Fyndus said that July 22, the release date of superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali, will be a holiday for all its employees.

And the organisation did not just stop at that. They will also be providing free “Kabali” tickets to all its 32 employees.

Fyndus company to declare holiday. Opus, a structural solutions start-up in the city, has gone as far as declaring a holiday on July 22. As the firm’s official notice goes, the holiday is declared to “avoid sick leaves, mobile switch-offs and mass bunks”.

Manoj Pushparaj, head of operations for the firm, says this was done to motivate employees. The start-up is also arranging tickets for all 48 staff in a partnership with PVR cinemas.

Watching the first-day first-show is not something that can be compromised on, think a majority of fans. So high is Kabali fever that few enthusiastic fans from Chennai have also gone as far as launching an online petition requesting the Tamil Nadu chief minister to declare an official holiday on the date of movie’s release.

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