KM Joseph elevation: Justice Chelameswar writes to Chief Justice

Justice J. Chelameswar

New Delhi, May 10: Justice Jasti Chelameswar wrote a letter to Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra saying the Collegium must reiterate its recommendation to elevate Uttarakhand chief justice KM Joseph to the Supreme Court.

In his letter, the second-most senior member of the Apex Court collegium said that since he was retiring on June 22, the reiteration must be done at the earliest and the file recommending justice KM Joseph’s appointment to the Supreme Court sent back to the government, according to the Economic Times report.

Chelameswar also mentioned about formal collegium meeting on May 2, which deferred its decision on Justice Joseph whose name for elevation to the apex court was returned by the central government for reconsideration.

The central government on April 26 asked the Supreme Court collegium to reconsider its recommendation for the elevation of the Uttarakhand High Court Chief Justice K.M. Joseph as a judge of the apex court.

Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in a letter to the Chief Justice of India said that justice Joseph’s proposed appointment was not ‘appropriate’ because there were “more senior, suitable and deserving chief justices and puisne judges of various high courts.”

On January 12, the collegium had recommended justice KM Joseph and senior advocate Indu Malhotra as judges to the Supreme Court. Following this, the central government on April 26 approved the appointment of Indu Malhotra, but returned justice Joseph’s file to the collegium for reconsideration.


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