Just 20-minute visit to park can reduce stress

Walking old elderly
Walking old elderly

Spending just 20 minutes in park can help people to reduce stress, mental fatigue and boost life satisfaction.

According to a study published in International Journal of Environmental Health Research, intended to validate previous findings on the impact of a park visit on emotional well-being, and evaluate the contribution of choosing to participate in physical activity in contact with mother nature in relation to emotional well-being after the park visit.

The University of Alabama researchers found that 20 minutes park visit could make people happier regardless of whether they are engaging in exercise or not during the visit.

“If you cannot be physically active due to ageing, a disability or any other limitations, the study implies a person can still gain health benefits just from a visit to a local park,” Gavin R. Jenkins from the varsity.

As per the findings, a visit to park also led to improvement in life satisfaction by 64 per cent.

“There is increasing pressure on green space within urban settings. Planners and developers look to replace green space with residential and commercial property. The challenge facing cities is that there is an increasing evidence about the value of city parks but we continue to see the demise of theses spaces,” Jenkins pointed.

For the study, the researches examined nearly 100 adult visitors to a local park in urban areas.


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