Julia Roberts on Why She Said Yes to TV for Amazon’s Homecoming

julia roberts

Los Angeles, July 29 : Actress Julia Roberts, who is returning to the small screen with “Homecoming” for the first time since the 2014 TV movie “The Normal Heart”, says medium is no bar for her as long as she is able to “deliver entertainment” into people’s homes.

Roberts said she wasn’t specifically looking for a return to television when “Homecoming” came up for her, reports variety.com.

“I guess I didn’t really think of it as small screen, big screen. I don’t know – my television is pretty big,” she quipped.

On a serious note, she said while having “more time to shoot and more time to unravel people” seemed like a great opportunity, she doesn’t see a big distinction between the mediums today.

“Everything is just so good, the bar is just so high, and for me it’s just nice to bring something into people’s homes. We’re like a delivery service – we’re delivering entertainment into your homes,” she said.

“Homecoming” is Amazon’s new thriller based on Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz’s podcast of the same name. She finds it “a great old-fashioned yarn set in this really modern conundrum of a morality play”.

“And you put that in Sam Esmail’s (director) incredibly stylish, capable, huge hands, it seemed a very safe place to be,” Roberts said at the Television Critics Association panel for the series here.

The “Money Monster” and “Wonder” star felt no difference in the process of filming “Homecoming” from shooting a film. However, parts of it were challenging — specifically an 11-page scene that was filmed as one continuously, traveling shot.

“It was a great mental challenge every day.”

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