Jonas brothers make sure not dating same women

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Los Angeles, Aug 3: Singers Joe and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers band fame,clears out with each other to make sure they don’t date the same girl.

Between them, the stars have dated celebrities like Kate Hudson, Lily Collins, Olivia Culpo, Demi Lovato and Gigi Hadid, but Joe says they never date the same women because they run it by the other brother first, reports

“We’re pretty supportive of each other. There might be a rare occasion where we’ve got to make sure, ‘Hey, you haven’t dated this person, have you?'” Nick told Hashtag Legend magazine.

Nick hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the pair reuniting with older brother Kevin to reform The Jonas Brothers band.

He said: “One day it will make sense to do something together again but, right now, we’re still focused on our individual careers and that’s what’s really important to us.”

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