John Legend gets ‘too loving’ when he’s drunk


New York, April 29: Supermodel Chrissy Teigen says her husband and singer John Legend gets “way too loving” when he is drunk.

Teigen likes it when Legend gets cosy and thinks it is very “sweet”, reports

“He’ll be like, ‘Let’s go in the closet.’ I’m like, ‘We’re home! Why do we have to go into the closet?'” Teigen said at the Cocktails with Chrissy event she hosted here earlier this week.

“He just gets very, very touchy and he’s like a little baby — it’s really sweet. He is way too loving,” she added.

Teigen further said that she doesn’t believe in hangover cures.

“I think as long as you (drink) in moderation, that’s the only cure — because everything else is b******t. There’s no real trick, there’s no powder,” she said.


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