US Prez Joe Biden draws world-wide condemnation from Muslims

US Congress woman Rashida Tlaib who is known as a member of the far Left lobby within Democrats, also slammed the Biden administration for backing Israel, which she called an ‘apartheid state’.
Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

New Delhi/Washington, May 17 : President Joe Biden who came to power in the United States on a pro-minorities and human rights agenda is drawing world-wide condemnation from Muslims for his support to Israel in the ongoing violent conflict in which dozens of Palestinians have been killed.

“Biden’s presidential campaign said human rights come first. In four months as President, he has failed to sanction MBS for murder of Khashoggi, despite naming him responsible, sold $200 million dollars of weapons to dictator Sisi in Egypt and now failed to condemn the killing of children in Gaza,” Vice News journalist Hind Hassan pointed out in a tweet on Sunday after reports emerged of dozens of civilian killings in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes.

During the US Presidential election campaign last year, the Democrats had aggressively projected itself as secular saviors of minorities in the US and the rest of the world, while painting former President Donald Trump as an Islamophobe.

However, all the goodwill candidate Joe Biden had earned from Muslims around the world, frittered away after President Biden extended his support for Israel’s right to defend itself from the terror group Hamas’ rocket attacks.

In a global outrage, Muslims, liberals and Leftists across the democratic world, poured angry reactions against Biden on social media. A popular Palestinian poet and writer Mohammed el-Kurd, in a tweet said that “Biden is enabling not one-but two-genocides.”

Several social media users posted pictures of little kids holding posters which said, “Biden was supposed to be better than Trump. But he is letting Israel kill Palestinian kids too!”

A Pakistani lobbyist based in Europe, Muhammed Faisal said the Biden statement has proved that he is a party to the Israeli attacks by defending them. Now US mediation will be ineffective in this matter, China and Russian will have to play a role.”

The Islamist organization in the US, the Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR) denounced the Biden administration’s support of Israeli bombing of “innocent men, women and children in Gaza,” saying that it will boycott the White House’s annual Eid celebration.

CAIR in its statement said that the US President gave Netanyahu the green light to Kiev targeting Palestinian civilians (and reporters) under the guise of self-defense. Instead of condemning these war crimes, the White House keeps enabling them.

US Congress woman Rashida Tlaib who is known as a member of the far Left lobby within Democrats, also slammed the Biden administration for backing Israel, which she called an ‘apartheid state’.

Likewise in India, many who had supported Vice President Kamala Harris of Indian descent, were disappointed by her support to Israel. Lawyer Karuna Nundy said in a tweet, “That this can happen in full view of the world and tacit support of POTUS and Kamala Harris should be a matter of some global fury.” She was pointing out the Israeli air strike that brought down the building where Al Jazeera’s office was housed in Gaza.

President Biden has also drawn criticism from the opposition at home. In a scathing piece against the Biden administration’s policy on the Israel-Palestine conflict, columnist David Harsanyi censured the government for restoring $235 million in the US aid “to the corrupt and authoritarian Palestinian Authority without any preconditions that they refrain from terrorist activities or institute democratic institutions.”

The White House, he said, is bailing out Iranian mullahs, who will almost surely divert some funding to their proxy terror army in Gaza, which will in turn use it – not to buy vaccines or build homes, but to assemble hundreds of rockets that will be fired at Jewish cities.

“It’s clear that forces in the region understand that Biden would sell out Israel and Sunni Arab nations for a deal with Iran. And they all act accordingly,” he wrote.

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