JNU Missing Student: Police claim that Najeeb was emotionally disturbed


In the ongoing unrest in JNU over Najeeb Ahmed’s disappearance, Delhi police have come up with a twist claiming that Najeeb was “emotionally disturbed”. Contradicting the police, family says that he was fit.

Delhi police claim that they discovered anti-depressants and other drugs which are used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and also prescription from his hostel room. According to media reports, Najeeb was being treated for depression and OCD. He was prescribed Flunil (20mg) which is used for OCD and Zolfresh (5mg) which is a sleeping pill on August 27 this year. Later on September 9, he was prescribed Lonazep which is used to treat fits, panic attacks and agoraphobia – fear of public places.

Najeeb Ahmed went missing on 15 October following an on-campus scuffle allegedly with the members of ABVP the night before. The investigation to find Najeeb has taken a sharp turn.

“After a scuffle with ABVP members, Najeeb reportedly felt depressed and did not sleep a wink that night. He was so upset that he called his mother, crying, telling her that he would leave the hostel soon. His mother, who was aware of his condition, asked him to stay put till she reached the hostel,” a police source said.

However, Najeeb’s mother Fatima Nafees denied these claims made by police and said he was fit. “The police are making this up because they are unable to find my son,” she added.

The police are still clueless about Najeeb’s whereabouts. Amid this, the family of Najeeb met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday and he assured timely action in the case. Eight separate teams have been formed to investigate the missing Najeeb Ahmed’s case.

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