Jio Institute ‘Eminence’ Tag sparks controversy :Modi government issues clarification


New Delhi, July 10: After facing criticism for granting the “Greenfield or Institution of Eminence” status to proposed Jio Institute of Reliance Foundation and #JioInstitute began trending on Twitter, the Narendra Modi government accused the critics of carrying ‘ misinformation campaign’ in social media.

In a series of tweets, the Ministry of Human Resources Development issued a clarification on how Jio Institute received ‘Institution of Eminence’ status and has pointed out that the status can be bestowed on institutes that are being developed, provided the sponsoring organisation submits a convincing perspective plan for 15 years.

Social media users raised several questions about the proposed Jio Institute ,its existence, which is yet to go online,but the status has been granted to it by the government.

The HRD Minister clarified that the Empowered Expert Committee (EEC) has granted the ‘Greenfield’ status  to Jio since it fulfilled all the parameters and further emphasised that private institutions will not get funding under this scheme but will be given “academic” autonomy.

Clarifications about the Institutes of Eminenece

According to the ministry, 11 applications were received but only Jio satisfied all the conditions. The conditions were:

  • Availability of land for construction of an institute
  • Putting in place a core team with experience
  • Making funds available for setting up of the institution
  • A clear strategic vision plan

Yashwant Sinha, former Union minister and a senior BJP leader, also slammed the decision to bestow the recognition on Jio Institute. He tweeted, “Jio Institute has not even been set up. It is not in existence. Yet govt grants it eminence tag. That is the importance of being M Ambani.”

The Ministry stated that the purpose of this provision is to allow private investment to come into “building global class educational infrastructure”.

There are six Institutions chosen by the government for the status of of Eminence (IoEs) in India.

A UGC guideline describes it as “a distinct category of deemed to be universities” and declares that they “shall be regulated differently from other deemed to be universities so as to evolve into institutions of world class in a reasonable time period.”

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