Telugu actor and former MLA Jayasudha’s husband Nitin Kapur allegedly committed suicide


Mumbai : 14, March, 2017 : Popular actress and politician Jayasudha Husband Nitin Kapoor is reportedly dead in Mumbai committing a suicide at his own residence. While the exact reasons behind suicide are yet to come out, reports have come out officially from all the National and State TV channels.

Nitin Kapoor aged 58 years married Jayasudha in 1985 and he is the brother of Bollywood veteran star Jithendra. Nitin also associated with the production of few Bollywood films. He is survived by two sons, Nihar and Shreyan. Shreyan had earlier debuted into films with “Basthi”.

Jayasudha is also into politics. She is a former MLA. Jayasudha immediately rushed to Mumbai and there are many suspicions surrounding the death. Reason for death not yet confirmed.

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