Jayalalithaa’s food bill was Rs 1.17 Crore – Apollo Management

Jayalalitha Appollo

New Delhi : 18, December, 2018 : A total of Rs6.8 Crore was spent for Jayalalithaa’s treatment, as per Apollo’s Management. And the food bill was Rs 1.17 Crore during the 76 days of hospitalisation.

Former judge Arumugamasi is investigating the death of Ms. Jayalalithaa. Apollo Hospital today reported that the Arumugamasi inquiry commission had spent only Rs 1,17,04,925 for Jayalalithaa’s food.

The Apollo administration has said that Rs.6.85 crore was spent for the treatment of Jayalalithaa in Apollo Hospital.

Richard Peele, who came from London and treated Jayalalitha for medical treatment Rs. 92.7 lakhs were awarded.

The cost of the ward was Rs. 24 lakhs. The total rent for Sasikala and his family is Rs 1.24 crore, according to Apollo.

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