Jayalalithaa death: Apollo seeks new probe panel, points out errors in medical records

J. Jayalalithaa
J. Jayalalithaa File Picture

Chennai, Dec 28: In a major twist in late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha death probe, the Apollo Hospital on Friday demanded the constitution of a Medical Board consisting of doctors/ professionals, citing errors in the medical statements.

The hospital in an affidavit to the Arumugasamy Commission demanded constitution of a Medical Board consisting of doctors/medical professionals to examine the medical records.

The Apollo hospital raised the demand claiming that errors crept in due to inability of typist to comprehend&type correct medical terms.

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“Words like ‘Intubation’ were recorded as ‘Incubation’ and such fatal errors to Commission’s understanding of facts about her treatment appear repeatedly”, it said in an affidavit.

Prior to this, the Hospital had filed a five-page affidavit to the commision, naming four policemen who demanded the CCTV cameras to be switched off during Jayalalithaa’s hospitalisation period.

The cops later asked the cameras to be turned on once she was shifted to her room.

Earlier, this month the hospital management revealed that a total of Rs 6.8 Crore was spent for Jayalalithaa’s treatment, and the food bill was Rs 1.17 Crore during the 76 days of hospitalisation.


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