Janata appreciates ‘sushasan’ not ‘bhashan’: Sibal on BJP’s defeat in Rajasthan by-polls

kapil sibal, File Photo

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Thursday took a jibe at Prime minister Modi over BJP’s humiliating defeat in Rajasthan by-poll. The leader took on Twitter to claim that Modi’s popularity has been eclipsed in Rajasthan.

He tweeted, “Modi eclipsed in Rajasthan. Hindi heartland embraces Congress. Janata appreciates ‘sushasan’ not ‘bhashan’ .”

Earlier today the Congress leader Vivek Dhakad won Mandalgarh assembly seat by 12976 votes, defeating BJP’s Shakti Singh Hada.

Whereas Karan Singh Yadav of the Congress wrested the parliamentary seat of Alwar from Jaswant Singh Yadav’s (BJP). Raghu Sharma of the Congress also defeated BJP’s Ram Swaroop Lamba in Ajmer.

It seems that Padmavat and the encounter of Rajput gangster Anand Pal played the spoilsport for BJP. Whereas this victory of Congress would encourage party workers and leadership for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.


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