Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh: 100% restoration of facilities in less than 3 months

Lockdown in Kashmir
Lockdown in Kashmir

New Delhi, Nov 22 : There has been a 100 per cent restoration of communication facilities in less than three months after Article 370 was abrogated in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

By November 2, restoration was 100 per cent for mobile phones, schools, landlines and police station-wise restriction relaxation in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh put together.

All the 21,663 schools have opened, restrictions under the 202 police stations have been lifted, mobile phone restoration has been done in all the 22 districts and landline connections have also been fully restored, as per official data.

The situation on August 5 when the special status of Jammu & Kashmir was scrapped was very different. In less than three months, the region has shown tremendous improvement in restoration of normalcy. The situation on August 5 was that mobile phones were restored in seven districts, 917 schools were open, only restrictions in seven police stations had been lifted and only half the landlines were functional.

The data shows that from August to November, there has been a progressive improvement in facilities and restoration for the population of the region.

The corresponding data for Kashmir also shows that 100 per cent restoration of these amenities has been completed. The incredible part is that on August 5, the comparable number for all four facilities was zero.

All the 10,777 schools are open in Kashmir, mobile phones have been restored in all 10 districts, police station restrictions have been lifted in all 105 areas and of landline connections, 43,114 have been restored.

Similarly, police restrictions in all 90 areas have been lifted, mobile phones are on in all 10 districts, all the 9,969 schools are open and 50,133, the 100 per cent count of landlines is restored.

The comparable number for August 5 was zero for police stations and school openings in Jammu.

The region of Ladakh also has a similar story with 100 per cent functional facilities. All 917 schools are open, no police station restrictions as all 78,822 landlines are on and mobile phones restored in the two districts.

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