Jammu and Kashmir failure blot on PM Modi’s political career

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The big failure in Jammu and Kashmir is a blot on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political career, Modi government started his rule in Jammu and or Kashmir by implementing muscular policy and after three years Bharatiya Janta Party decided to dump PDP by squarely blaming it for the faults that Modi himself committed.

Accepting that the coalition government has failed to control the unrest and the growing militancy in the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir confirms that PM Modi lacks the capability to govern the complex state.

Initially, Modi government labelled protesters as terrorists and used brute force to stifle dissent. The door of dialogue with the people of Kashmir was shut down completely and the internet services were suspended to make the life of a Kashmiri more miserable.

The BJP made an opportunistic post-poll alliance with PDP to capture power in Srinagar. First Modi decided to stitch an alliance with PDP Sayeed and Mufti’s father has dubbed the PDP-BJP alliance as the meeting of North Pole and South Pole.” Then after three years, BJP realised to withdrew from the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir, breaking its alliance with the People’s Democratic Party citing national interest.

Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah and his men have been using national interest as the weapon of defence to give a wrong impression to the people that they are sacrificing the lust of power for the good of India. But the policies so far implemented have shown the disintegration of India setting aside the interest of the nation. Any action that exploits the national interest is bound to recoil on BJP and particularly on Modi himself.

For the first time, BJP’s general secretary Ram Madhav publicly admitted that under their rule radicalisation and militancy have flourished in the state especially in south Kashmir which is definitely not good for the country. The offensive initiated against militants have doubled the number of local recruits to the terror groups operating in the South Kashmir. Border skirmishes have become a common phenomenon along the heavily armed Line of Control   With India and Pakistan both in possession of nuclear arms, former President Bill Clinton once called the border “the most dangerous place in the world.”

But the reasons cited to withdraw from the alliance are not the state subjects:

  • Handling Terrorism is the Centre’s subject
  • The central government has to ensure safe borders along the Jammu and Kashmir
  • Centre must take effective measures to end cross-border firing
  • The BJP-led government at the Centre  failed in instilling a sense of security among the border dwellers

The centre is entirely responsible for the worsening of the situation due to policy paralysis and the saffron party along with its ideologue RSS is responsible for promoting the youth of Kashmir to take to militancy.

The discrimination, suppression, high handed tactics and the heavy deployment of army, since the death of Burhan Wani in July 2016, shows how BJP is intent on ruining the state and Which is itself an integral part of the country.

The heavy-handed approach by Modi government has alienated the Kashmiris and the allegation put up by Madhav was completely opposite that “The Centre did everything for the Valley. We’ve tried to put a full-stop to the ceasefire violations by Pakistan. The PDP has not been successful in fulfilling its promises. Our leaders have been facing a lot of difficulties from the PDP in developmental works in Jammu & Ladakh.”

Whether it was ruled by a coalition, BJP  was taking each and every decision. And now after the governor rule, it is the army that is calling the shots.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot escape blame for adopting tactics such as the security forces used pellet guns without proper training to cause minimum injuries or specifying their safe range but causing eye injuries led to the provocation of unrest in the Valley. Recent reports about militants killed or apprehended show that they joined the militancy due to harsh treatment by the security forces.

Modi robbed the people of Jammu and Kashmir for votes by giving them false hopes. BJP President Amit Shah insulted PDP for not informing Mehbooba Mufti about BJP’s decision of withdrawing support and also the people of the state who trusted them of delivering Jamuriyat Kashmiriyat and Insaniyat.

The alliance was under strain since April after the gang-rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl from the nomadic Muslim community of Bakarwals in Jammu’s Kathua district. Two BJP ministers, Lal Singh and Chandra Prakash Ganga, were forced to resign from the coalition government for participating in protests in favour of the accused.

People of Jammu and Kashmir were not only witnessing continued shelling from across the border but also the indifferent approach by the government and the Kathua rape case revealed the imprints of growing polarisation in the state.

The survival of PDP was doubtful as Mufti merely played second fiddle to the BJP’s agenda and in three years of coalition rule, the state was in total chaos with widespread street violence and students taking part in protests and stone pelting while security forces killed civilians with the use of pellet guns.

Modi fought all elections with a decided roadmap but he ruled Kashmir without a policy and took impulsive decisions leading to increasing the number of homegrown militants than foreign militants in the Valley. As most of the militants are locals, any encounter by security forces has become a challenging task.

Amit Shah believed that this is the opportune time to leave the alliance as staying in power in J&K  could give ammunition against the BJP to rivals in the upcoming elections.

But the calculations and analysis of Amit Shah and Modi can prove disastrous due to the fact the central government will rule the state in the guise of  Governor’s rule, therefore, putting the onus on Modi for the deteriorating situation of the state. Thus, Modi has tarnished India’s image by mishandling and misgoverning the Jammu and Kashmir.

Blog: By Arti Bali,

(Senior Journalist)

Disclaimer: These views are solely of the author.

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