Jaish-e-Mohammad ridiclue Indian defence agencies, says they could not handle 6 mujaheedin

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Pakistan-based militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad, supremed by Maulana Masood Azhar, has uploaded an audio clip on a website making startling disclosures about how terrorists attacked the Pathankot airbase on January 2. The clip has been uploaded on the website www.alqalamionline.com.

The 13-minute address has also been transcribed in a local Urdu magazine in Azhar’s hometown Bahawalpur. At several places the clip talks about how the men “fired at Indian tanks, military cars and helicopters.”

The speaker warns the Pakistan government not to accept Indian evidence. “Pakistan ke ilaam India ke ilzaam ke saamne kyon jhukte hein? Kyon sharmate hein? (Why do Pakistan’s leaders bow before India’s allegations? Why do they shame us?),” he asks.

He ridicules how Indian defence agencies could not tackle the six “mujaheedin”. He also demeans the martyrdom of Lt Col Niranjan Kumar and ace shooter Fateh Singh and talks about the confusion over the number of attackers. “Buri tarah mare gaye. First, they said there were six mujahideen, then they said five, then four. Such a big country is in tears. They are pointing an accusing finger like cowards.”

He adds that the attack at Pathankot airbase was a fidayeen operation. “Four mujahideen attacked India’s Pathankot airbase. It was the night after Friday at around 3 am, a time when the sly is closest to earth they entered into the Indian airbase. Kya kafiyat hogi, kya jazbe honge, kya manzar honge.”

He also adds who would believe that jihadis can fight for 48 hours in such freezing temperatures, harsh weather conditions, without sleeping, without eating.

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