Ajmer woman completes last rites of her mother-in-law

Jaipur, Nov 15: Breaking all barriers of society, a daughter-in-law in Beawar in Ajmer recently carried her mother-in-law’s body for her last rites, in keeping with her last wish.

Yalpana Bhati was joined by her two daughters to perform the last rites of their grandmother in the absence of a male member in the family.

According to Yalpana, her mother-in-law, Neelam (70), died on Sunday night.

On Monday, she carried her on her last journey along with her daughters Pranjal and Priyanshu.

“My mother-in-law always treated me like her daughter. I am proud to have fulfilled her last wish,” she said.

Neelam Bhati’s husband passed away soon after her marriage. Later, her only son, Gajendra Bhati, too, died 15 years later.


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