‘Jail bharo andolan’ soon as those who speak against Modi face sedition, says Owaisi

asaduddin owaisi

Hyderabad, Feb 3: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said that both persons who opened fire in Delhi’s Jamia area and Shaheen Bagh are Naturam Godse’s illegitimate son and termed them as “terrorists” but suggested people that the time is going to come when ‘jail bharo andolan’ will be started as Modi government is arrogantly governing the country.

Owaisi said that whoever speaks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in today’s world is charged with sedation and that soon there would be a ‘jail bharo andolan’ in the country. Owaisi was quoted by news agency ANI as saying, “If someone speaks against Modi, they are charged with sedition. A time is going to come when we will decide to launch ‘jail bharo andolan’. All the jails in the country can lodge only 3 lakh people, if people come out on roads, jails will be insufficient.”

We should call him a terrorist. He was live telecasting on Facebook. A man also commented that Owaisi should also be shot dead,” Owaisi said at an event here.

“Another man went to Shaheen Bagh and opened firing. He said that this country is for Hindus. I want to tell that terrorist that this country is not for only religion. This country also belongs to those who do not believe in any religion. We have to save the country from Hindutva,” he said.

He also said that ‘jo Hindu hitt ki baat karega wahi desh par raj karega’ has been BJP’s war cry and that Kapil Gujjar, the gunman behind the incident just echoed it. Owaisi took to the micro blogging site Twitter to say, “A terrorist is one because he says so. For decades, “jo Hindu hitt ki baat karega wahi desh par raj karega” has been @BJP4India’s war cry. This man just echoed it. He’s forced you to choose between gunman’s side or the side of peaceful, democratic citizens. It’s as simple as that.”

His statement came in connection with the provocative statements that Gujjar made on camera just minutes after being caught by the police. He said, “Is desh mein kisi ki nahi chalegi sirf Hinduo ki chalegi (In this country only Hindu voice and no other voice shall be heard).”

Owaisi said: “You are fighting with people who believe in RSS ideology of Hindutva. You have to face people like that. We have filed a case against CAA and NRC in the Supreme Court… You have to be ready for a big fight. We stand by protesters across the country.”

We cannot forget that students of AMU and Jamia Milia Islamia raised their voices against this… After the violence in Uttar Pradesh, CM said that they will take revenge. UP Police shot 24 Muslims dead… We will not forget their sacrifices. This fight is to save the country and its Constitution,” he said.

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