It’s Nobody’s business , says Indian Army on China’s warning against BrahMos in Arunachal

After Chinese People’s Liberation Army termed India’s move to deploy BrahMos cruise missile in Arunchal Pradesh , a confrontational  step that will have a negative impact on the boundary dispute ,Indian Army said “How India addresses its security concerns should not be anybody’s else concerns .”
” Our threat perceptions and security concerns are our own and how we address these by deploying assets on our territory should be no one’s else’s concern or business.” Top Army sources said.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army has warned India over deploying BrahMos supersonic missiles.”India deploying supersonic missiles on the border has exceeded its own needs for self defence and poses a serious threat to chin’a Tibet and Yunnan provinces ,”said the PLA’s influential official newspaper.

The PLA said the deployment of missiles could lead to countermeasures by China.
The PLA Daily suggested deploying the BrahMos could threaten some of this infrastructure. “The supersonic BrahMos cruise missile has excellent dive attack capabilities, and fits in the Sino-Indian border where it’s mostly mountain topography,” the commentary said, adding that the “low observable” nature and “penetration capabilities” of the 2.5 Mach-speed missile posed a threat to China’s border areas.
The commentary, authored by an expert from the PLA Navy’s Engineering University, also presented a detailed assessment of the nature of the threat posed by the deployment of an advanced version of BrahMos with “steep div”” capabilities suited to mountain warfare.
The deployment of the missile “could increase suddenness and effective of attacks” and land “crushing blows on time-sensitive targets like missile launchers and solid targets like command centers”, it said.
“Deploying BrahMos missiles is bound to increase competitiveness and confrontation in Sino-Indian relations and bring a negative influence to stability of the region,” the commentary concluded. On the other hand, the newspaper suggested, the missile also had certain “defects”, such as “a relatively short range that cannot threaten China’s deep zones” as well “a heavy weight that makes it difficult for even a Sukhoi Su-30MKI to carry more than one”.

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