Italy expels three ‘Islamic extremists’

GERMANY. KOBLENZ – JANUARY 21: Congress Europe of Nations and Freedom of the ENH group in the European Parliament in Koblenz. Matteo Salvini, member of the Lega Nord in Italy, during the press conference. (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)

Rome, July 5 : Italy’s hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said on Thursday he had signed deportation orders for three alleged Islamic extremists, vowing “zero tolerance” for jihadists.

“I have signed expulsion orders for three Islamic extremists. Zero tolerance for those who want to bring war onto our soil,” Salvini wrote on Facebook, adding a photo showing him signing documents at his desk at the Interior Ministry.

Since March 2018, Police has conducted raids and arrests across the country as Italy’s interior minister warned that up to 30,000 foreign fighters are on the run after ISIL’s defeats in Syria and Iraq and that some may try to infiltrate Europe on migrant boats from Libya.

A 23-year-old man of Morroccan origin, accused of extremist links with so-called Islamic State was arrested in March after Italian intelligence and finance officers monitored the suspect’s sermons and bank accounts.

Italian authorities on Saturday deported 29-year-old Tunisian suspected Islamic extremist, according to the interior ministry.

The Tunisian was the 60th alleged religious extremist expelled from Italy this year and the 297th since 2015, the Ministry said.

Italy has expelled 264 religious extremists since 2015 and unlike France, Spain, Germany, the UK and Sweden has not had any Islamic terror attacks.

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