Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square Hit by Blast, Several killed

An explosion rocked the historic centre of Istanbul on Tuesday, causing casualties.The blast hit in the central Sultanahmet district. Images and video posted on social media showed ambulances racing to the scene and security officials patrolling the area

Ambulances rushed to the site in Sultanahmet square, close to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, in a major tourist area of Turkey.

Police cordoned off the area and wonded were taken to the hospital.

“We’re taking precautions against a second explosion,” the police officer said, ushering people out of the square.

Turkey is on alert after 103 people were killed on October 10 when two ISIS suicide bombers attacked a crowd of peace activists in the capital Ankara, the bloodiest strike in the country’s modern history.

Turkish authorities have in recent weeks detained several suspected Daesh or iSIL,or ISIS members with officials saying they were planning attacks in Istanbul.

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