ISIS video:Indian ‘Jihadists’ vows revenge for Babri demolition

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant  released a shocking video in which  Indian Jihadis, including Thane engineering student Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, has vowed to avenge the demolition of the Babri Mosque and the purported killing of Muslims across India.
Only Tanvir Sheikh is recognizable as four youths from Mumbai’s Kalyan – Aarif Majid, Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, Amaan Tandel and Saheem Tanki – had fled to Iraq in May 2014 to join ISIS
AS far terror plan for India is concerned this  is a first video released by the dreaded terrorist outfit which features Indian Jihadists and specifically mentions their planned action in India and South Asia .
“We will return, but with a sword in hand, to slice your throats, to avenge the Babri Masjid, and the killings of Muslims in Kashmir, in Gujarat, and in Muzaffarnagar,”Sheikh saying in the video.
The video shows Indian ‘Jihadists’ vowing revenge for Babri demolition Muslims are not safe in India. New restrictions are being imposed and our freedom is being taken away,” he added.
According to the national daily, Fahad Tanvir Sheikh is the only individual conclusively identified in the video.
“After the Batla House encounter, things became very hard for us . The ATS, police and investigative agencies were after us. We somehow fled India, worked with the Mujahideen and reached Khorasan region,” he said.
 A section of the film also mentions Kashmir. With a severe warning that Hindus are on a mission to convert the Indian Muslims, the video ends on an oath by its Indian recruits who swear allegiance to the organization
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