ISIS un-Islamic ,says Zakir Naik

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Islamic preacher Zakir Naik said on Thursday his statement “urging all Muslims to become terrorists” has been taken out of context and that he is totally against terrorism and the killing of innocent humans.
Condemning the Dhaka attack ,Zakir said “By using the name Islamic State, we are condemning Islam… They are the anti-Islamic state of Iraq and Syria that has killed innocent foreigners. The name is given by enemies of Islam.”

“Many of the news channels in India are showing a clipping where I am saying that every Muslim should be a terrorist. Whenever anyone wants to malign me, they show the clipping.
“This clipping, yes it is me saying it but it is out of context. I said a terrorist is a person who terrorises someone. I also gave an example that a policeman terrorises a robber. So, for a robber a policeman is a terrorist. In this context, every Muslim should be a terrorist to the anti-social element,” Naik told from Mecca.
Rubbishing Bangladeshi newspaper ‘Daily Star’ report that he inspired one of the Dhaka carnage perpetrators to go on a killing spree, Naik sought to put the blame on “other speakers” who misguide Muslims in the name of Islam.
“Regarding me being shocked that a Bangladeshi was inspired by me, I would say no, I wasn’t shocked… I agree I inspire people close to Islam but every fan may not follow everything what I say. Once a person comes close to Islam, there are possibilities he starts hearing other speakers,” he said.
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