ISIS new video: More Dhaka like attacks until Shariah law is implemented across the world

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Islamic State has released a fresh video in which the three terrorists praised the attackers for attack on Gulshan eatery in Dhaka that killed 22 people and called for jihad in Bangladesh and threatening more attacks on crusaders and crusader nations.

For the first time the video is in bangla and is believed to be issued from Raqqa . The video was found in an IS-affiliate website and then released on YouTube, reports the Dhaka Tribune.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.In the video three speakers were speaking and they warned that the group will strike every part of the world until Shariah Law is established across the world.

“The Jihad that has come to Bangladesh now has been promised by Prophet Mohammed,” Dhaka tribune quoted the man as saying.

“We will not stop killing the crusaders till then; we will win or die for our religion as martyrs and achieve Sahadaat [martyrdom] … we don’t have anything to lose,” he added.

The man also termed the current form of democracy a Shirk or unforgivable crime.

“I want to ask you a question: how do you support this ‘Shirk’ notion of democracy? Don’t you know that it gives power to people to enforce law and have power whereas the power belongs to Alllah only? [according to the Qur’an]”
ANother speaker termed Bangladeshi government as kafir .

“Since the govt has changed Allah’s law and has implied man-made law they are all ‘Kafirs’ now. It is our religious duty to fight against it. Crusaders are killing innocents Muslims globally with planes and bomb attacks.So the Holey Artisan incident is our revenge to the lost blood of the hundreds and hundreds of Muslims who were killed,” the second man said.

The third speaker then urged Muslim brothers and sisters to join the jihad saying it was what they had been dreaming of Islamic state have plans to attack on India and Myanmar to avenge the persecution on Muslims.

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