ISIS claims suicide blasts at Yemen checkpoints; 26 dead

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Three suicide attacks srruck checkpoints of Yemen’s temporary capital of Aden on Friday evening, leaving 25 people killed and several others injured.

The huge blasts were caused by suicide bombers attempting to attack the main headquarters of the Saudi-led coalition forces located in Aden’s district of Buraiga, the security source of Aden’s Military Command said on condition of anonymity.

“A suicide bomber detonated his booby-trapped ambulance vehicle near a military checkpoint linking to the main base of the Saudi and UAE forces in Aden,” the source said.

He added that two other suicide bombers blew themselves up targeting the army posts near the military base held by hundreds of UAE and Saudi troops in the district.

A medical source of Aden’s public hospital said that more than 25 people were killed, mostly civilians, and nearly 15 others injured.

Dozens of assailants launched an armed attack against the Saudi-led coalition forces in Buraiga after double suicide bombings in the area, according to a local government official.

However, fighter jets and the UAE helicopters intervened and pounded the attackers, which foiled the terrorist operation.

The port city of Aden, Yemen’s temporary capital, has been witnessing a state of chaos during the past months which resulted in the assassination of Aden’s former governor, several high-ranking security officers and judges.

The turbulent security situation in Aden and neighbouring southern provinces of Lahj and Abyan is one of the biggest challenges for the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces in Aden.

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