ISI ‘poisoned’ CIA ex-official in Pakistan in retaliation to Osama raid


The CIA’s Pakistani bureau chief  Kelton was poisoned by the Pakistan’s ISI in retaliation for the humiliating  Navy SEALS operation  that killed the al-Qaida chief osama Bin Laden.

Kelton  was  pulled out of the country just two months after the death of Osama Bin Laden with agonizing stomach pain

Kelton’s previous role in Moscow had seen him scuffling with the KGB  and asked his staff to stop treating the ISI like a belligerent partner and start treating them like an enemy. ” His sevenmonth stint, the paper said, was in many ways a ”parade of humiliation for his hosts,” from the Raymond Davis episode to the Abbottabad raid.


The startling revelation, reported first in the Washington Post, centers on the months around the Abbottabad raid, Pakistanis twice breached protocol by outing the serving CIA station chief in Islamabad.

“As then-CIA deputy director Michael Morell finished a series of scheduled meetings in Islamabad, Bank escorted his boss to a waiting agency plane. Then, without any notice to Pakistani authorities and in violation of protocol, Bank stayed aboard as the flight crew closed the door,” the Post said, citing unnamed officials.
On the first night in May , as midnight approached in Pakistan, Kelton, Munter and a senior US military official gathered in a secure CIA room in the embassy to watch transmissions from a stealth drone circling over Abbottabad as the bin Laden raid began,” the Post reported. “The trio had made secret preparations for possible Pakistani reprisals, officials said, drafting evacuation plans that called for employees at scattered US diplomatic sites to flee across the border into India .

Kelton told Cameron Munter, then the US Ambassador, not to admit Davis was a CIA contractor – despite his car being found to be full of spy gear, including a disguise kit.

Actually During Davis episode  then Inter-Services Intelligence Department (ISI) chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha  disliked him so much that  he referred to Kelton as a cadaver.

He also signed off on many of the Drone attacks..


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