Ishrat Jahan encounter case: Probe report submitted, testimony tailormade

ishrat jahan

The inquiry report, it is learnt, concluded that the papers missing from the file were not put up on the file at all and went missing between September 18, 2009 and September 24, 2009 and not during any subsequent period.

Additional Secretary B K Prasad’s coaching of a witness in the inquiry into the missing papers of the Ishrat Jahan case has resulted in tailormade testimony.

It is learnt that in the report submitted Wednesday by Prasad, former Home Ministry officer Ashok Kumar’s statement, recorded on April 26 this year as part of the probe, was in tune with directions passed to him a day earlier by Prasad.

In his testimony, Kumar is learnt to have said that he never dealt with the file relating to the case, that he had never seen the files, and that he was not aware of the whereabouts of the missing papers.

In his statement, Kumar is learnt to have said that he was on tour during the period that the Centre’s second affidavit in the Ishrat Jahan case was filed, and that on his return, the Director (North East), who was the link officer, did not show him or hand over the file to him.

In his report, Prasad is learnt to have concluded that the missing papers appear to have been knowingly removed from the file or might have been unintentionally misplaced between September 18, 2009 and September 24, 2009, either by those who dealt with the file during the period or by some other officer of staff under whose custody the file would have been during this period.


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