Is this India we dreamt of ?- where there is no place for dissent, Says Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah

In a video released by the Amnesty India, Critically-acclaimed actor Naseeruddin Shah has triggered a row in which he said that “ Is this where our Constitution in headed? Had we dreamt of a country where there is no space for dissent, those who demand rights are locked away”, adding that “artists, actors, scholars and poets are stifled”.

The Amnesty India,rights group gave out a message to the Indian government that they ‘must end its crackdown’.

The tweet has Naseeruddin Shah talking about ‘independent India’. He further talks about the ‘voices of those trying to safeguard the country’s constitution being suppressed’ by the ‘powerful’ and at the end, asks ‘Is this where our constitution is heading?’

“The Constitution of independent India was adopted on 26th November 1949. From the beginning, its core values aimed at ensuring social, economic and political justice for everyone in India. For everyone to have liberty of thoughts, expression, faith, and worship. For everyone to be treated equally. For every person’s right to life to be respected. In our country, those who help save the homes, lands, and livelihoods of the poorest, those who speak not just of the responsibility but of rights, those who raise their voices against corruption- they are safeguarding same Constitution. But now, those who demand rights are being locked away. Artists, actors, scholars, poets are all being stifled. Journalists too are being silenced. In the name of religion, walls of hate are being erected. Innocents are being killed. The country is awash with a horrific hatred and cruelty. And those who stand against this injustice are having their offices raided, their licenses canceled, their bank accounts frozen, their voices silenced. Only so that they deterred from speaking the truth. Is this where our constitution is heading? Had we dreamt of a country where there is no space for dissent? Where only the rich and powerful are heard, and where the poorest and most vulnerable are forever oppressed? Where there once was law, there is now only darkness…”Shah said in Video.

“It may seem that the odds are against human rights defenders and civil society in India at this moment, but human rights have always won and will this time also. The arc of the moral universe is long, as Dr. Martin Luther King said, but it bends towards justice,”Amnesty India CEO Aakar Patel issued statement after the video.

“We thank Naseeruddin Shah for standing up in solidarity for the countless brave human rights defenders who despite being attacked, demonized and harassed have continued to fight for justice, liberty, equality and dignity for all. They are true heroes,”he added,

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