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Is Prabhu trying to save water? Only 1 bottle per passenger in Duronto Express

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Delhi, 23 March: Either the Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is unaware of the fact that at least eight glasses of water are necessary for human beings to remain healthy or the officials are working in the campaign to save every drop of water.

What we call this situation, where people are spending so much to travel in the Superfast trains that provides passengers so many facilities but forget to provide at least the basic need that is water.

Just one bottle of packaged drinking water was given to the passengers to wipe off their thirst and that is in their 20-hour long journey.

Even many of the passengers availing the luxurious travel complained of the non-availability of extra water during a 20-hour journey while others have complained about the delay in the food services by hours on Duronto Express.

As per India Today reports, the online consumer complaints forum is full with the reports of bad services provided in the superfast train.

If this is the condition of Superfast trains then one can imagine what the general trains passengers would be getting.

“I was travelling with my family from Howrah to Nagpur on Duronto on March 20. A bottle of drinking water was served per head at 8.30am at starting of journey. After dinner, at around 10pm when I requested for a bottle, I was told that only one is alloted per passenger for journey of upto 20 hrs. Boys from the catering service also showed me a circular, which had a mention of such clause.”

“I am writing this to clarify with IRCTC whether this (provision of not more than one bottle) is correct and if so, I want justification of the same,”one of the complaints reads. Days ago, another passenger wrote: “I was travelling from Bangalore to Kolkata on Duronto. I was really upset by seeing the condition of the train, including the seats, toilets, etc. I request to improve the service. The train is not worth travelling. I think even the sleeper-class trains which cost less has better maintenance.”

In February, several complaints related to the bad behaviour of the staff were filed. One of them reads: “Duronto Express is a very bad train. I have faced many problems. The train runs late always. Meals were served late. Staff were very rude kept on asking for tips.” However, Railways officials refused to comment despite several queries were put forward.

The power pack statements made at the time of election campaigning soon turns hollow after acquiring the reign as happened in mostly cases.

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