IS near its end: Iraq

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Madrid, Nov 11: The deadliest terrorist group Islamic State is finally near its extinction and its stronghold of Mosul in Iraq will be liberated by the end of the year, an Iraqi ambassador told to Spain.

“The Islamic State is on the verge of extinction and has no future, either in the long or short term,” Efe news agency quoted Alaa Al Hashimy as saying on Thursday.

“They may opt to change their name to create confusion,” he stated in a press conference in Madrid.

The official informed of what he called IS’s feeble resistance shown in Mosul since the Iraqi Army and police forces, along with the Kurdish Peshmergas, launched an offensive on October 17 to retake Iraq’s second-largest city, which was in Jihadist hands since 2014.

“IS is no more than a bubble that resorts to to terrorizing civilians with savage murders but is unable to resist Iraqi forces,” Al Hashimy said.

“All they know is how to plant bombs and use human shields,” he added.

He informed that a large district of Mosul had been freed on Wednesday without forcing anyone to abandon their homes.

Al Hashimy said Iraqi forces had killed 1,200 IS terrorists and an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 Jihadists remained in the city, but the leadership had already fled and all who remained were foreigners and Arabs, but not Iraqis.

The ambassador lamented that the Western-led coalition’s airstrikes had provided crucial support to Iraqi ground forces.

He affirmed that their next step would be to liberate Tal Afar, where the families of IS terrorists had fled on their way to Syria.

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