Is Modi dreaming for Nobel Peace Prize?


Defense Analyst Maroof Raza commented that all the Prime Ministers of India until now have been dreaming of getting Nobel Peace Prize.

According to Raza, Modi’s Lahore visit was completely wrong and even at that time Modi said that this cheesy diplomacy is not going to work.

He believes that Pakistan’s only aim is to lay down obstacles and problems for India as this is the only way Pakistan can recognize itself in the globe. Pakistan only thinks about how to compete with India.

Although, Maroof claimed that Pakistan is behind the Pathankot and Uri attacks but Pak always denies the accusations. On the Uri incidents, Pakistan has denied the claims made by India and has said that India has labeled Pakistan responsible for the same without investigating.

Eighteen army soldiers were killed in Sunday’s dastardly attack carried out allegedly by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad militants. Four militants were also gunned down.

BBC Hindi interviewed the Defense Analyst Maroof Raza – in which Raza talks about the Uri incident and Pakistan. He said that Kargil war took place despite the fact that India and Pakistan were nuclear states. Pakistan can be dealt even without using the nuclear weapons and only with the Military actions.

To generate an international pressure on Pakistan we need to take the help of the United States of America by telling them about 15 Billion dollars Indo-US defense agreements and ask them to favor us for generating international pressure on Pakistan and if in case the US doesn’t agree with us for the same then we can always go with Russia regarding the defense agreement.

He said that India should announce that if a country is with India against their fight with ‘extremism’ then that country should end their economic relations with Pakistan.

“Attacks in Uri and Pathankot have one thing in common that Pakistan is responsible for both of them,” said Raza.

In both the incidences, India has gathered the evidence against Pakistan as they have attained the arms, ammunition, food and medicine packets with Pakistani markings.

(Inputs from BBC Hindi)

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