Irrfan khan “Hearts bleed all over” on Dhakka attack


Actor Irrfan Khan who was recently in news for expressing his views on the practice of fasting and qurbani in Islam, has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Dhaka that killed 20 innocent lives.

In his tweet, Irrfan said that news of the Dhaka terror attacks disturbed him greatly, especially as the killings occurred in the holy month of Ramzan.

“When we were children, we were told not to eat without inviting the hungry to partake of our meal as well..hearing of the terror attacks in Bangladesh has led to deep unease in my heart,” the Madaari actor wrote.

He went on to say that such incidents occurred because of a lack of understanding about Islam’s true tenets — and that in such a scenario Muslims shouldn’t stay silent against outrages perpetrated in the name of religion.

Wefornews Bureau

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