Irom Sharmila struggling to prove herself an Indian


Irom Sharmila is facing a big problem before getting into mainstream electoral politics. Sharmila is struggling to prove herself as an Indian citizen. Under provisions of Indian constitution, only an Indian citizen can contest either parliamentary or Assembly elections but the Iron Lady does not have a single document to prove her Indian citizenship on paper.

The absence of all the important documents which it takes for someone to contest in the elections is causing her difficulty to contest in the upcoming Manipur Assembly elections expected to be held next year. She has no permanent account number (PAN) card, no voter identity card and not even a bank account.

The friends and supporters are now arranging and working things out for Sharmila to provide her with necessary documents so that her Indian citizenship could be legally recognized.

One of her friends told media that, “Her campaign, if at all she ends up in politics, needs to be crowd-funded. And for that she needs a bank account and a PAN card while it is unimaginable for anyone without a voter ID to be a people’s representative.”
Irom Sharmila went on an indefinite fast in November 2000 demanding the repeal of AFSPA. She was forcibly given liquid food by the government all these years.

Her protest was against the Armed forces special powers act (AFSPA) which is implemented in Manipur. She is known as the Iron Lady of Manipur. After breaking her She said that She wants to contest an elections to become the Chief Minister of Manipur to repeal AFSPA.

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