Iran’s COVID-19 cases near 510,000; Jordan, Libya see new records in daily infections

Iran Covid Case

CAIRO, Oct. 13 : Iran’s total number of COVID-19 cases rose by 4,108 to 508,389 on Tuesday. Meanwhile, both Jordan and Libya set new records in daily coronavirus infections amid continuing pandemic resurgence.

The pandemic has so far claimed 29,070 lives in Iran, up by 254 in the past 24 hours, said Sima Sadat Lari, spokeswoman for the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

A total of 411,840 people in Iran have recovered from the infectious disease so far, while 4,570 others remained in intensive care units, she added.

Jordan on Tuesday reported 2,054 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily spike in the country so far, raising the tally of infections in the kingdom to 28,127.

The Jordanian Health Ministry reported 18 new deaths from the infectious disease and 142 more recoveries, taking the death toll to 225 and the total recoveries to 6,361.

Jordan will continue a comprehensive curfew on the upcoming weekends. Minister of State for Media Affairs Ali Al-Ayed, who is also the government spokesperson, said that the 48-hour curfew would start on Friday at 1 a.m. local time (2200 GMT on Thursday).

In Libya, the National Center for Disease Control of Libya confirmed 1,164 new COVID-19 cases, the highest daily rise in the country so far, taking the tally of infections to 44,985.

The center said 541 more patients recovered while 12 others died from the disease, raising the total recoveries to 25,007 and the death toll to 656.

Iraq reported 3,921 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the nationwide infections to 409,358, while the death toll surged by 58 to 9,970.

The Iraqi Health Ministry said that 4,158 more patients recovered in the day, bringing the total recoveries in Iraq to 344,208.

Iraqi Health Minister Hassan al-Tamimi presented a detailed report to the weekly cabinet meeting on the latest developments in the pandemic in Iraq, including the efforts to provide necessary treatments and health supplies to all hospitals.

Turkey’s Health Ministry reported 1,632 new COVID-19 cases and 63 more deaths on Tuesday, raising the total number of infections to 338,779 and the death toll to 8,957.

A total of 1,314 patients recovered in the last 24 hours, raising the total recoveries to 296,972 in Turkey since the outbreak in March.

Israel confirmed 2,621 new coronavirus cases and 34 more deaths, pushing the tally of infections to 296,652 and the death toll to 2,055. The total number of recoveries in Israel rose to 245,811 after 7,130 more patients recovered from the disease.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israel’s Corona Cabinet decided to extend the ongoing nationwide lockdown until Sunday at midnight.

In Morocco, 3,185 new COVID-19 cases and 49 more fatalities were reported, raising the total infections in the country to 156,946 and the death toll to 2,685.

The number of recoveries from the coronavirus in Morocco increased to 131,462 after 1,964 more recoveries were added, the Moroccan Health Ministry said.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced 1,315 new COVID-19 cases and two more deaths, bringing the total confirmed cases in the country to 108,608 and the death toll to 448. The tally of recoveries in the UAE rose by 1,452 to 100,007.

In Lebanon, the tally of COVID-19 cases increased on Tuesday by 1,245 to 55,869, while the death toll went up by 13 to 479.

The Qatari Health Ministry reported 214 new COVID-19 infections and 197 more recoveries, raising the total confirmed cases to 128,405 and tally of recoveries to 125,373.

The death toll in Qatar remained unchanged at 220 for the third day running as no new death was added, according to a ministry statement.

In Kuwait, 844 new COVID-19 cases and eight more deaths were recorded, raising the tally of infections to 112,737 and the death toll to 672.

Currently, 7,557 patients are receiving treatment in Kuwait, while the total number of recoveries rose by 706 to 104,508.

Oman recorded 638 new COVID-19 infections and seven more fatalities, raising the total confirmed cases to 107,213 and the death toll to 1,053. The tally of recoveries in Oman rose to 93,557, up by 335 during the past 24 hours.

Palestine reported 516 new COVID-19 cases and four more fatalities from the coronavirus, bringing the total infections in the Palestinian territories to 56,467 and the death count to 459.

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