Iranian president Rouhani supports Qatar

Hasan Rouhani
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Sour relations of Iran and Suadiarabia are not unknown to the world. Other then the Shia-Suni difference both powers wants to dominate the region. Recently the Iranian president Hasan Rouhani slammed saudi arabia over besieging Qatar. Countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar on June 5 for supporting ISIS.

According to these countries Qatar is encouraging the notions of muslim brotherhood which can cause an increase in power of islamic state of Iraq and Syria.One of the main accuse of supporting ISIS is the media of Iran which also includes Al Jazeera television. However Qatar has denied the allegations.

Supporting Qatar Hasan Rouhani said “Tehran stands with the Qatari nation and government… We believe that if there is a conflict between regional countries, pressure, threats or sanctions are not the right way to resolve differences,” IRNA news agency quoted.

“The siege of Qatar is unacceptable to us… The airspace, land and sea of our country will always be open to Qatar as a brotherly and neighbouring country,” Rouhani added.

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