Iran warns of reaction if US breaches Nuke deal promises

Iran may launch an advanced uranium enrichment programme in case the US fails to fulfil its commitments under a nuclear deal reached last year between Tehran and the world powers.

The US reneging on its promises under the nuclear agreement runs counter to the nuclear deal, the spokesman for the Iranian Parliament’s presiding board Behrouz Nemati told .

“The deal is a comprehensive collection and if the US does not fully implement it, we will respond,” he said without detailing the US “failures” to meet its obligations.

Nearly six months after the implementation of the nuclear deal, big banks refrain from implementing the agreement and only small ones are conducting limited transactions with Iran, he added.

The lawmaker’s words echoed Monday’s remarks of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who said that the experience of Iranians about the failure of the US in fulfilling its obligations pertaining to a nuclear deal showed that it can never be trusted.

“The US has violated its obligations over the nuclear deal and is busy destroying Iran’s economic ties with other countries,” Khamenei said.

“The oppressive sanctions were supposed to be lifted quickly so that it could positively impact people’s lives,” he said. “However, after six months, no tangible changes have occurred.”

The nuclear deal, reached between Iran and world powers in July last year, was implemented in January. The deal saw Iran scrapping major part of its nuclear program in return for the removal of Western and international sanctions.

The US still maintains sanctions on Iran over alleged violations of human rights and support of terrorism, which Iran denies.

Also, Washington has recently blacklisted some Iranian and foreign entities for alleged involvement in Iran’s missile programme.

The restrictions bar US companies as well as international companies from undertaking business transactions with Iran’s government.


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