Iran safe for foreign investments : says Zarif

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Iran was the most secure and lucrative market for investments, an official said on Sunday.

“The enemies such as the Zionists and the Saudi Arabia are making attempts to tell banks that Iran is not secure for investment, but we must show the realities to the world,” Xinhua news agency quoted Zarif as saying.

Iran’s financial resources abroad, which had been blocked under Western sanctions, have been made accessible and foreign banks are resuming their relations with Iranian banks, he said.

“The reason that certain unjust US sanctions against Iran are still in place is our anti-hegemonic policies,” Zarif said, adding that for the same reason the US opposition and pressures against Tehran will not end.

Since January when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was implemented, the international companies have been involved in several rounds of dialogue for cooperation with Iran in diverse areas.

While Iran has announced that it welcomes international investments, particularly in its energy industry, companies drag their feet to invest in the country since they fear that they may face obstacles due to the sour relations between Iran and the US as well as complications involved in the money transfer to and out of the country.

The US has still its sanction on Iran over the alleged violations of human rights and supports of terrorism, which Iran denies.

Washington has recently blacklisted some Iranian and foreign entities for being involved in the country’s missile programme. Besides, US financial institutions are barred from dollar transactions involving Iran.

These continued restrictions have raised concerns among the international companies that they could fall victim of the US law if they invest in Iran.

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