Iran releases statement on Soleimani’s killing

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi has released condemning killing of General Ghasem Soleimani and terming it as the terrorist criminal act of the US Government.

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful
Following the terrorist criminal act of the US Government against General Ghasem Soleimani, an Iranian senior military commander who was assassinated by the US forces during his official visit to Baghdad and while was being received by the Iraqi authorities at the International Baghdad Airport, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi, in an effort to raise awareness on this dastardly act of terrorism, states the following:

1- General Soleimani and Mr. Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandes, Deputy Chief of Popular Mobilization Committee of Iraq were the two prestigious national heros and prominent champions of combating against terrorism and extremism in the region, particularly those terrorist groups generated and nurtured by the US Government in Syria and Iraq.

2- The presence of General Soleimani as a military advisor in Iraq and Syria was at the invitations by the legitimate governments of Syria and Iraq in order to help their national military and defense forces in countering and combating against terrorist groups including Daesh, Al-Nusra Front, and Al-Qaeda.

3- Assassinating such a notable figure is not only a blow to the international law and norms but it also serves as a step to support the reminiscent terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

4- All the responsibilities of this criminal act and escalation of tensions in the region rests with the terrorist US government which has to bear all the repercussions of this act.

5- The Islamic Republic of Iran, a victim of terrorism and foreign aggression, has neither started any war during the modern history, nor sponsored or supported any act of terrorism, and it has always been committed to preservation and strengthening of regional and global peace and security. Despite Iran’s strategic restraint which stems from the Iranian national and religious values and principles, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers safeguarding its national and security interest as a legitimate right and on the basis of its inevitable right to self defense, it shall take appropriate retaliatory action in the suitable time and place.

6- Unfortunately, the terrorist Government of the USA in order to cover up its crime and savage act of assassinating General Soleimani and Mr. Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandes, is trying to deviate public opinion by blatant lies, baseless accusations and vast propaganda. Therefore, It is expected that all free and responsible media make utmost due diligence not to be entrapped by the deceptive US publicity apparatus.

7- What should be the main concern of the countries of the region and the world is that the unilateral and despotic acts of Trump and his hawkish team, in violation of international norms and sovereignty of other states, will cause precedents that eventually lead to chaos and anarchism in the world.

8- Therefore to ensure the global peace and stability, all the governments of the region and the world are expected to condemn this terrorist act at the strongest possible terms.

9-The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi avails itself of this opportunity to express its gratitude to all individuals, groups, elites, media outlets, organizations and foreign missions in India who have expressed their sympathy and solidarity with the government and people of Iran and have condemned this terrorist act in different ways and means including sending condolence messages, publication of reports and articles, as well as organization of functions and rallies in various parts of India.

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